Magic Lantern Performance

Magic Lantern Performance

What you need to know

What happens in the toy museum when the lights go out?

Come see us as we shine Magic Lanterns into the hidden corners of the Pollock's Toy Museum collection. What do the puppets and dolls get up to in the dark? This is your chance to experience the museum as you have never seen it before! 

Magic Lanterns are ancient apparatus of lenses and lamps once used by showmen to conjure up strange moving phantasms in darkened rooms. With the invention of cinema and increasing familiarity with moving image projection, these devices were instead sold as optical toys for children. But were they really magic? What wonders await us…

Nicole Mollett and Frog Morris use re-purposed pre-cinema projection equipment to create new live performance pieces for contemporary audiences. Both antique slides and their own new hand-painted slides are projected using refurbished Magic Lanterns and accompanied by live storytelling in a wonderful light show suitable for all ages.

The Art of The Magic Lantern has been touring South East England since March 2014. The company has performed and held workshops all over the UK including the Whitechapel Gallery and The Barbican.

Check out their website here.

This specially devised performative tour of Pollock's Toy Museum will use smaller children’s lanterns, popular during the Edwardian era, to project illusions in the little nooks and crannies of the museum.

  • The tours are suitable for all ages.

  • Running time per tour: 45 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes before your slot starts.

  • We will be running 2 tours per night so please check the calendar and select the right time and date for you when you book.

  • The ticket includes Museum entry.

  • Please select a concession ticket if you are a student, senior or unemployed.

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