For all ages: Magic Lantern Art Workshop

For all ages: Magic Lantern Art Workshop

What you need to know

Magic Lanterns are ancient apparatus of lenses and lamps once used by showmen to conjure up strange and fantastical moving images in darkened rooms. 

During this 1 hour workshop we will be making our own magic lantern slides using acetate, pens and collage and exploring how your picture can be brought to life using light. 

  • These sessions will be suitable for all ages,

  • We will be running two separate workshops so please select the right time for you when booking,

Nicole Mollett and Frog Morris use re-purposed pre-cinema projection equipment to share the art of Magic Lanterns and to create new live performance pieces for contemporary audiences. Nicole and Frog will  be leading these workshops.

The Art of The Magic Lantern has been touring South East England since March 2014. The company has performed and held workshops all over the UK including the Whitechapel Gallery and The Barbican.

Check out their website here.

Want to see a Magic Lantern in action after your workshop? On the 29th and 30th we will be running performative tours of the Museum using lanterns. What happens in the Museum when the lights go out? Book your places here.  

If you have any questions please contact Emily on