Navigating Blackness in the shadow of Black Lives Matter

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Navigating Blackness in the shadow of Black Lives Matter

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

What you need to know

The concept of ‘Blackness’ as a racialised appellation has an impact on sense of being and identity, that may manifest differently in diverse ‘home’ and diasporic contexts. Conversations around Black History Month (BHM) centred on the accomplishments and contributions of African Americans duly acknowledge its origin. BHM has been recognised in countries such as the UK and is focused similarly on the contributions of Black people. Notwithstanding its nomenclature use and context-specific nuances, the experience of ‘blackness’ and connections to historical and present inequalities is global. But how do we unravel the symbiosis between the collective and nuances in the experience of ‘blackness’?

The panel is comprised of people with different connections to the notion of blackness, as African American, Black immigrant and British African. The panel will discuss how their diverse experience of blackness in different contexts has been impacted since the BLM movement and will offer insights on possibilities for the future and potential challenges.  


Speaker Biographies

Dr. Keshia Abraham
Dr Abraham established Abraham Consulting Agency, to help individuals and institutions engage their personal and collective power to create intentional international communities of care, creatively centering justice and joy with dignity and intention (JEDI) standards so robust and deeply entrenched that we change the way we see the world and ourselves in it. 

Irene P. B. Oksen  
Like most people, my identity is made up of many facets; a teacher; educator; daughter; sister; runner; a friend and many other labels in between. I am British African with a mixed cultural identity. Navigating both British and African cultural traditions which also have influences of African American and Caribbean pop culture.

Samantha Likonde 
SamanthaLikonde is a Malawian studying and working in Scotland. She is a dedicated advocate for social justice, equality, diversity and inclusion; coming from a legal background with aims in practising in Immigration and Family law. She is currently employed as the Community Engagement Officer for the UoE Decolonised Transformations Project." 

Panellist/Chair: Dr Davies Banda 
Dr Banda’s research covers public policy, sport policy, corporate social responsibility through sport, and international development. He works with governments, international governing bodies of sport and community based organisations advising committees/ practical involvement in the design and implementation of multisectoral social interventions and educational programming. His passion for learning and teaching focuses on collaborative partnerships in Higher Education – Global South and Global North in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, and before, the MDGs.