Friday Day & Sunday Bookings

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Dog and Whistle, Hertford, United Kingdom

Friday Day & Sunday Bookings

Select your date from the calendar below

Dog and Whistle, Hertford, United Kingdom

What you need to know

We at the Dog and Whistle cannot wait to have you at our Tropical Paradiso. 

Your £20 deposit per person will be taken off your bill once you order your food & drinks (please be aware the kitchen is not always open on a Thursday and Friday evening so please call asnd ask if you are booking specifically for food)

If you do not require food you can try a walk-in but this does not guarantee a table. 

Once you arrive don’t worry you won’t have to lift a finger. Our front of house staff are here to cater to your needs. We will be providing table service to ensure everyone is kept safe and keep the atmosphere going. Your table will be ready and waiting, food within an hour of seating and drinks flowing. Along with the much-needed time with your mates what more could you want.  

Please note that due to new government restrictions and guidelines. There cannot be more than 6 people at a table. You cannot get up from your table, join other tables and dance around the premises.

Masks must be worn at all times when not at your table.  

Due to high volumes of booking and government guidance we cannot accept bookings for over the allocated 4 hour time slots. It is our main priority that our customers and staff are kept safe throughout this period,

Due to social distancing requirement tables will be separated. If you have booked multi tables we cannot guarantee you sitting together as all tables are allocated prior to arrival. 

Our staff are here to help. As always, we are welcoming you with open arms and want you to have the best experience with us. To help us succeed please respect the social distancing guidelines, we are asking customers to not leave their tables where possible, a queueing system will be in place for toilet access. But for any other needs please call one of our helpful members of staff over to your table and we will advise.

IMPORTANT:  By booking a table with us, you have agreed that you are clear of COVID-19 and are safe to sit with us in our venue.

If you, any members in your household or anyone you have come into contact with has shown symptoms of COVID-19 from receiving this email then please let us know for at your earliest convenience.




Dog and Whistle
112 Fore Street, Hertford, Herts, SG14 1AB United Kingdom