Metal Remedies & Heavy Metal Detox Masterclass

Metal Remedies & Heavy Metal Detox Video Masterclass

Metal Remedies & Heavy Metal Detox Masterclass

Metal Remedies & Heavy Metal Detox Video Masterclass

What you need to know

In this four and a half hour video Masterclass Caroline Gaskin explores the story of metal through the ages, the metal remedies used in homeopathy, heavy metals in our environment and how to detect and clear heavy metal toxicity.

The metal remedies in homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are made from many substances and the metal-derived remedies have long since fascinated homeopaths. .

How to detect & detox from heavy metal poisoning

Heavy metals in the body can wreak seemingly irreparable damage, thankfully there are many solutions in our natural pharmacy. Caroline will share how to detect heavy metal issues and share possible courses of action to take to undo the damage and steps to help prevent further damage.


Included in the masterclass:


An update on where we are now

Understanding the metal element and its effects on the human body and its relationship to humanity in general and the planet at large is key to looking into the future in terms of both our physical and mental-emotional health and wellbeing.

Metal Remedies

·         Much more on the metal element

·         The story of metal through the ages

·         Metal element homeopathic remedies in detail

·         The heavy metals: mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium & uranium

Heavy Metal Toxicity

·         Sources of heavy metal toxicity from Japan to your local crematorium

·         Details on how to identify heavy metal toxicity

·         What tests are useful to detect heavy metals in the human body

·         Detox protocols from herbs to homeopathy

·         Using superfoods and natural health practises

·         Homeopathic therapeutics for Heavy Metal Detox

·         Detox reactions

This webinar is perfect for practitioners, post graduates and final year students.

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Recent course feedback

‘Your course, and the way you carefully curated it and shared throughout, has really been a blessing.

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