Changing Polycrests Masterclass

Changing Polycrests Video Masterclass

Changing Polycrests Masterclass

Changing Polycrests Video Masterclass

What you need to know

2 hour Changing Polycrests Video Masterclass

We live in challenging times and are exposed to a far wider range of environmental and lifestyle factors than we were a decade ago or 20 years ago or half a century ago.

20 years ago we started using glyphosate more extensively in the food chain. 25 years ago we started to communicate electronically.

Collectively we take more medication, we have more surgeries and the use of synthetic hormones and chemical agents is far more widespread.

A Walk Through 2 Centuries of Homeopathic Prescribing

Adaptation is the key to survival and it's 250 years on from Hahnemann's time - so it's time to evaluate and tweak what's in our toolkit.

This webinar is a revision of the major polycrests and some pointers to remedies that we were taught marginally that now deserve a higher status in our homeopathic toolkit.

As homeopaths we are always looking for the Simillimum but as humans evolve so does our our essential tool kit – our materia medica.

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Recent course feedback 

‘I've watched the webinar twice and found it so helpful!’

‘Thank you for giving your information and experience across so well. I am a homeopath and have been practising for 20 years and have really learnt a lot for myself  and for my patients.’

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Caroline is one of the UK’s leading homeopaths and holistic health coaches. She has worked with women for over 20 years in dealing with all aspects of the female hormonal cycle and has a practical down to earth approach.